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Fly-By-Wire Digital Technology utilizing our new SPC 2.0 controls.

Auto-Trim feature automatically raises or lowers trim angle.

Keyless Start System (optional)

New cowling design featuring new intake louvers, upper cover grips to assist with cowling removal.

New graphics including raised black Suzuki lettering and matte colour and design.

New Lower Unit design to improve cruising performance and prevent cavitation.

The skeg has a specially designed “left-right asymmetry” with a curve in it to assist in manoeuvering.

Incorporated stiffer upper mounts for improved stability at speed.

The Gear Oil drain plug and anode has been relocated behind the water screen.

*Model shown with optional stainless steel propeller  


Suzuki Marine's new Stealth Line now offer more of the innovative technology and uncompromising power with sleek new matte black style.

Discover the 250HP-115HP Stealth Line

Stealth Performance Lower Unit

The profile of the gear case (front), the location and the profile of the water filters have been changed to improve cruising performance and to prevent cavitation.

Left-right asymmetry brings better steering stability.

Suzuki Selective Rotation

Normally, when using multiple outboards a combination of standard and counter-rotating engines is mounted. The Suzuki Selective Rotation, available on our AP series outboards, eliminates the need for different models, as any model can be easily programmed to run in either direction. The DF350A’s contra-rotating propeller technology takes this process one step further by eliminating steering torque and maximizing true and straight propulsion forces.



Recommended Transom Height L: 508mm, X:635mm
Weight L: 283kg, X: 289 kg
Valve Train DOHC 24-Valve
Displacement 4028 cm³
Maximum Output 184kW
Control System Digital (Drive-by-wire)
Recommended fuel RON94 / AKI89
Alternator 12V 54A
Gear ratio 2.08:1
Exhaust Through Prop Hub
Engine mounting Shear Mount
Starting system Electric
Engine Type V6 (55°) 4-stroke
Fuel Delivery System Electronic Fuel Injection
Bore X Stroke 98 mm x 89 mm
Full Throttle Operating Range 5,700-6,300 rpm
Oil Pan Capacity 8.0L
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) -
Trim Method Power Trim and Tilt
Gear Shift F-N-R
Propeller Selection (Pitch) 15”-27” (R/R)


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